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The Air Brake System Is The Most Important In Big Trucks

At Over the Road Truck Driving School we teach a comprehensive air brake course that will continue to help you during your driving career. Our small classes allow our instructors to recognize when our students need further explanation regarding an Air Brake component or system. We teach our students how air brakes really work - not just enough to pass the ICBC air brake exam. The air brake training is included in our Class 1 and Class 3 Courses. We know that 16 hours is a long time to study a subject like Air Brakes but our Instructors add personal air brake experiences that make the course very interesting. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about this or any course - as always, there is no obligation at any time.

Air Brake Course

Knowing the air brake system allows graduates to identify on the road problems and perform emergency repairs or advise a service technician what parts to bring to make repairs. This limits the amount of time that you are stranded in some remote highway location.

During the 16-hour air brake course, we present frequent quizzes to determine student retention and their understanding of what has been presented. In the unlikely event of failure to pass the air brake exam, any student can call us or revisit the school for further explanation of the areas of difficulty. Not all air brake courses are created equal - here are some differences about ours:

• State-of-the-Art, Computer Animated Course Format
• Small Class Sizes (Limited to 12) Allows Individual Attention

Course Fee: $125.00

Our next Air Brake course is September 29 & 30


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We provide a variety of refreshments during our air brake classes.

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